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This screenplay composed of three black & white short films, takes you into the lives of three very different families.  Each family has their own set of problems.   The answer to their predicament can be solved by a wish from a total stranger.  Unbeknownst to them, the wishes that they chose come with serious repercussions.  Be careful what you wish for…you just may get it! 
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First Story- "Near Beer"
Second Story- "Just A Little Porn"
Third Story- "Mother's Love"----Casting October 15, 2011
"Well I am having some problems at home but nothing that I want to talk about now."

"Yeah, yeah I am. He stares at me and he makes me feel, I don’t know…powerless."
"I have a TV dinner in the oven and I bought you an orange pop. It’s in the fridge."

"I love you…and ah, don’t wait up okay?"
"Sure kid, I’ll get you another pop!  In fact I’ll get you a six-pack! That’s the least I can do!"

"Listen kid! I don’t give a rat’s ass about you! You’re a spoiled little brat!  If you’re going to eat my food at least say thank-you!"
"Your friend?  He ran off when I came in.  Come on let me help you up."

"Yeah, I noticed that you weren’t in my science class today. I marked you absent today.  Is there a problem?"
"Chill man! Chill! I’m just joking with you! Hell my mom’s the same way! She’s always looking for a “Sugar Daddy!”  Look you can sleep over here tonight if you want.  It’s Saturday night my mom probably won’t even come home."
"Yeah, I especially like the part about giving your due in a marriage! That part I really found enlightening.."

"Let the husband render to his wife her due; but let the wife also do likewise to her husband.  The wife does not exercise authority over her own body, but her husband does."
"You know, I figured that you would come up with something to make me have more sex with you! You always use the bible to make me change the things that I do.  You are trying to change who and what I am!."
"The sex sucks! Your marriage has lost its excitement!  It’s like the “Three Little Pigs.”

"You don’t know what you’re missing my friend! This is worse than cigarettes!"
Pete (Bartender)
"Yeah I was saying, a lot has changed since you stopped coming here."

"Well this is not the hole in the wall bar anymore, as you can see! We are expanding and exploring new things. You think that we had a good time before! We really have a good time now!"
Wht-15-18 years old-Mousey, thin build, sensitive.
Wht-30+ years old-Attractive but weathered.
Wht.or Span. -15-18 years old-Experienced teen, drug user.
Wht-30+ years old-Big fellow, towering, mean.
Blk-30+ years old-Sauvé, professional, devious.
Wht.30+ years old-Girl next door looking, straight laced and attractive.
Wht.30+ years old-Very matter of fact.  Straight laced but sneaky.
Wht.30+ years old-Suited, used car salesman type.  Could sell anyone anything.
No Pref.25+ years old-Old style bartender with vest and bow-tie.
Extras will be needed various group of women for bar scene.
All comp drawings by James Weckbacher
Aaron Switalski as "Danny"
Jaclyn Cifranic as "Olivia"

Patrick Ziska as "Kevin"
Christopher Mele as "Billy"
Peter Lawson Jones as "Louie"
Joey Wacker as "Jonathan"
Heather Brown as "Yvonne"
Fred Munkachy as "Lou"
John Thobaben as "Pete"
Abigail (Mother)

"I understand…I guess! So how is my grandson? I haven’t seen him since Mother’s Day."

"Hi Andrew this is your mother. I was wondering if you and the family could stop by Thanksgiving for dinner. It would really mean a lot to me…since I haven’t seen you in so long! Call me! I love you!"

"Well I was hoping to see you all for “Mother Day!” I prepared this food and nobody came over."

Anthony (Brother)

Ah…mom, I don’t think so, we already have plans.

"I love that ole car of his, but I don’t care if I see him again or not!  He can rot in hell for all I care!" 

"I could eat your turkey everyday!  In fact, I was telling Carrie, I going on a strictly turkey diet!"

Andrew (Brother)

"Everyone can’t have a perfect family like you Carrie. You know perfectly well why I don’t see her!"

"Oh yeah mom. Sorry about yesterday. We stayed over at the in-laws a little longer than expected." 

"Flowers? Predictable, short-lived…but what else would someone expect from you?  Peggy spending all you’re hard earned money on c-a-n-d-l-e-s?"


It looks as though you are feeding an army! You must have a large family!

No, no family here. I haven’t really met any friends either! But I’m starting to meet people. I sell perfume.

I’ll tell you what, you just helped me save, so I’ll help you save.  I’m going to give you a free sample of “Mother’s Love.”

Carrie (Wife of Andrew)

"That is ridiculous! You see your mother maybe four times a year!"

"What are you going to just let her knock all night? She knows were here. Just let her in!"

"She’s taking a nap.  I think that she’d coming down with a cold.  I had better go check on her."

Patti (Wife of Anthony)

"I asked Tony on our way home, if he was going to stop by and see you.  He said he was too tired!"

"In case you were wondering we only use natural wax for these candles!  Here, let me give you a catalog to take home."

"I’m sure we will!  If you see something that you like in our catalog, let me know immediately because those candles are at a special discounted rate!"

Cody-Anthony & Patti’s son Dark hair 8+
Madison- Andrew & Carrie’s daughter Dark hair 8+
Kris Smith as Abigail
Kenny Santiago Marrero as Anthony
David Adolfo Smith as Andrew
Valorie Ventura as Louise
Christina Trompower as Carrie
Courtney Benson as Patti