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Thought Behind the Film:

The brain of a child has been likened to a sponge, just ready to absorb the many experiences of life. 
Parents, of course want the best for their child, urging them to follow their example.  Sometimes that example, though heartfelt, can snap us into reality as we realize that our child is not a child anymore.  Many parents, if not all, insist that their children do not lie to them.  This story is about a family who insists on the truth at all times.  They even instill hellfire repercussions to their daughter so that she won’t lie.  When their family's lie is exposed, these parents learn, a lie is a lie regardless, even if it’s a “Holiday Lie.”
Storyboards courtesy of James Weckbacher
White- Age (Over 30)
Personality- Genuine and loving person.  A people pleaser and very passive when it comes to his wife.
Spanish- Age (40+) Preferably Full figured but flexible.
Personality- She is very kind, humbling and caring.  She speaks both English and Spanish fluently.
The cast...

Black- Age (Over 30)
Personality- Stern very business minded and professional though at times confused with her marital status and how it happened.

This film, in part, utilizes the central concept of raising a child with the belief in Santa Claus as a "springboard" to reveal deep-seated moral, personal, and cultural conflicts within the family unit.  This film takes place in one location and will be shot in black and white with only 4 cast members along with one particular figure colorized throughout the film.  The tentative film date is late June 2010 with (3) rehearsal dates prior. Though this film has a small budget, all actors will be paid for this very quick (5) day shoot that will be used as a resource for funding of future projects.  
Location: May 8, 2010 12PM-4:15PM
Lakewood Public Library "Auditorium"
15425 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Holiday Lie
Character Study:

Despite the demise of this couple, this is a great character study for both Opal and Bernard. Notice the somewhat "hands on the hips" haughty attitude of the wife!  At times she appears to not look at her husband, but through him!  He is so soft and she is so very hard. The sexual tension due to the role reversal as well as the jealousy due to the father and daughter relationship all makes one think how these two got together in the first place.  This would appear to some this as a divorce waiting to happen, but it won' most weather the storm.  Many hot seated issues in these types of relationships will be revealed.  All this is surrounded by their daughter and the "Holiday Lie."
In Spanish
"Robin, you are such a good little girl!  Santa Claus will bring you something nice on Christmas Day!"
"Now I have to clean this mess up!  Go on back into the living room and wait for your father."

"Don't give me that sad face stuff young lady!  You...are...busted!"

"Do you understand now honey? Do you see how wrong lying is?"

"I might has well had married my sister!  Pretty soon we'll be sleeping head to foot! How the hell did I get here? We used to be so in love!"
"Daddy's home!  Daddy's home!"
"Will Santa Claus still bring me gifts tomorrow at midnight?"
In Spanish
"Oh! Hello Mrs. Opal you scared me! You're home early today."

Interracial- Age (8-12)
Personality- She is very sweet, childlike and shy for her age…at first.
Second Casting Completed
Location: May 29, 2010 12PM-3PM
D'Avila Model & Talent Management
5722 Chevrolet Blvd. Suite Parma, Ohio 44129o add text.

Kenny Santiago Marrero
as Bernard

Riki "Yvette" Westmoreland
as Opal

Kristine M. Jackson
as Rosalinda

And featuring

Abigail Berk
as Robin

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We used this video as a character reference.
Here's the trailer for "Holiday Lie!"
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