The Lorain County Film Commission request your presence to recognize the talents of  


In association with
Perfectly Sane Productions

This private invite allows all to see previous works as well as a rough cut of the film
Deadly Desperations

This movie features three short films.
With three different families, all with various problems in which they wish for help.
Be careful what you wish for…you just may get it!

Where:     IAV (Italian American Veterans) 4567 Oberlin Ave, Lorain, OH 44053
When:      November 11, 2012
Time:       4:00PM-7:30PM
Agenda:   4:00PM-4:15PM-Slide Show and music by the “Latin Jazz Players”
4:15PM-4:30PM-Kenny Santiago Marrero, Nissay Harris and Darryl E. McCullough

Holiday Lie
Starring Kenny Santiago Marrero, Riki “Yvette” Westmoreland, Kristine M. Jackson             and Abigail Berk
5:00PM-5:15PM-Cast Comments
5:15PM-5:45PM-Break Slide Show and music by the “Latin Jazz Players”
5:45PM-7:00PM-Trailer for Deadly Desperations/Film

Near Beer
Aaron Switalski, Jaclyn Cifranic, Patrick Ziska, Christopher Mele and Peter Lawson Jones
Just a Little Porn
Heather Brown, Joey Wacker, John Thobaben and Fred Munkachy
Mother’s Love
Kris Smith, Kenny Santiago Marrero, David Adolfo, Tina Joseph, Coutne Benson
and Valorie Ventura

7:00PM-7:30PM-Cast Intro/Conclude with by music by the “Latin Jazz Players”

Independent filmmaking can be costly. Your donation of $10.00 will be greatly appreciated.
For further information please contact Darryl E. McCullough
Or visit us at

Sponsored by the Lorain County Film Commission

You are invited...